Copyright Registration

It is a helpful lawful security aid for the creator on any of their natural artwork such as literature, music composition, and sound recorder, cinematography or computer programs. It ensures the whole Economic & Ethical authority of the producer on his/her intellectual properties.

About Copyright

Copyright prevails accordingly in an original work of authorship once it is fixed, but a copyright owner can take steps to magnify the protections. The major step is registering the task. Copyright registration also provides profit to the public overall. It enables the licensing marketplace by permitting people to find copyright ownership information, and it provides the public with notice that someone is insisting on copyright protection. It also provides a record of this nation’s vision. The span of copyright protection depends on when a work was originate. Under the current law, works created on or after January 1, 1978, have a copyright phrase of author life plus seventy years after the author’s death.

Benefits Of Copyright Registration

Prevention of monetary loss

One of the important advantages of copyright protection is preventing losses arising from copies being made of the original work. Breach of copyright registration is commonly called as ‘piracy’. In India, all of us are friendly with the word. ‘Pirated’ books, music videos, DVDs, are commonly available on major cities.

Legal protection

There are some benefits that copyright registration gives under the law. The act of registration gives shelter to advertised published work. Without such registration, it becomes so difficult to prove the case of the owner in court. For example, a film producer may make a movie that is alike to one that was released earlier. But without copyright registration, it won’t be simple to prove that it was plagiarised in court. The onus is on the maker to prove authentic.

Pre-emptive measure

Another benefit of a copyright is that the registration is on record so that it dissuades others from making improper use of your work. If you detect that someone is stolen your work, you can send a `cease’ notice. So, you don’t have to bother about legal suits at the next stage. This saves a lot of time and money. 

The incentive to create

One of the biggest advatage of copyright law is that it encourages an atmosphere of creativity and innovation. For example, an information technology company can spend millions developing new software. It will do so in the expectation of making money, and copyright law assures that it can reap the advantages. Similarly, music companies can innovate new music without bothering, about it being copied and distributed without consent.

Protecting reputations

By shielding original work, copyright registration assures that the goodwill of their authors / creators is protected. For example, a music composer or author is in a employment to prevent shoddy copies of his or her work, decrease any loss of reputation.

Ability to bring an infringement suit

Undoubtedly the most important benefit.  Even though a copyright owner has rights in a work, those rights, with restricted exception, cannot be compulsory, through the courts unless the work is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.  Without registration, a copyright owner cannot bring a lawsuit for copyright contravention.