ESI Registration

ESI stands for Employee State Insurance controlled by the Employee State Insurance Corporation which is an autonomous body incorporate by the law under the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India.

About ESI

ESI registration scheme is mainly initiated for workers. In this scheme a huge variety of medical, moentary and other benefits are provided to workers by the employers.The companies, any not-seasonal factories having more than 10 employees (for some other states it is 20) who have a maximum salary of Rs. 21000 must register itself with ESIC.

Under ESIC scheme, 3.25% of the total monthly salary of employee have to be contribute by employer whereas the employer needs to contribute only 0.75% of his monthly salary every month of the year. The only exemption to the employee in paying his contribution is whose salary is less than Rs. 176/- per day.

Benefits Of ESI Registration

Sickness benefits

At 70% of the average daily wages can be paid under the scheme for 91 days during 2 consecutive benefit periods. The employee covered under ESI should have paid contribution for not less than 78 days during the corresponding contribution period.

Maternity benefits

ESIC provides 100% of average daily wages in cash up to 26 weeks in confinement and 6 weeks in case of miscarriage, during maternity leave and 12 weeks for commissioning mother and adopting mother.

Dependant's benefits

If an Insured Person is deceased due to accident in his course of employment, dependent can receive Dependent Benefit under this Scheme. The advantages are being provided for accident occurs in shop floor or factory and accident not on factory or shop floor.

Medical benefits

The Employees’ State Insurance Scheme providing full medical heckup in the form of medical treatment, attendance, drugs and injections, specialist consultation and hospitalization to insured persons and also to members of their families where the facility for hospitalization, Specialist consultation, etc.

Disablement benefit

TDB is due to an employee who suffers Occupational Disease or employment injury (EI) or is certified to be temporarily incapable to work. An IP (Insured Person) is eligible from the day he joins insurable employment. TDB (Temporary Disablement Benefits) Rate is 90% of average daily wages.

Other benefit

Unemployment Allowance is equal to 50% of wage for a maximum era of upto Two Years. Medical care for own and family from ESI Dispensarie /Hospitals while the period IP receives unemployment allowance. Vocational Training providing for upgrading skills – Expenditure on fee/travelling allowance borne by ESIC.